3 Helpful Tips for the Newbie in Spin Class

Thinking about trying out a spin class? Don’t worry we’re all trying to avoid the guy who’s a bit too intense….

But aside from not being *that guy*, here are 3 helpful tips for being the newbie in spin class that will help you survive your first class.

1. Get there at least 10 minutes early

Depending the popularity of the class, you may need to arrive that early just to ensure that you get a bike. But aside from making sure you reserve a spot in the class, it’s a good idea to show up early and talk to your instructor about how to set up your bike. While it’s not rocket science, there’s more to it than you might think, and if you’re not aligned properly, you’ll risk injury and the class will be more painful than it ever should be for your knees and back.

2. Bring water and a towel

Even if you’re planning on taking it easy and doing the bare minimum, you will sweat buckets.

3. Resistance numbers are not the same for everyone

It’s a good goal to keep your resistance numbers in the range that your instructor gives, and to try to increase resistance when instructed to do so, BUT remember that no one else knows what your resistance/numbers are! Work at your own pace and don’t worry if you can’t turn up the resistance every time or are riding at a lower resistance than the instructor is calling out. It’s not a competition, even though you may start to feel like it is.